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The way we access and use the internet has always been evolving. This is due not only to our shifting demands and expectations but also to continual advances in technology. Website design and development have therefore had to change in parallel.

In recent years, the number of possible browser, platform and connection speed combinations have increased rapidly. This has forced web developers to write leaner and more efficient code, create platform-agnostic sites and account for every kilobyte of information loaded into the browser.

In 2013 internet access through mobile devices equaled that through desktop for the first time (source). Investing in a separate dedicated mobile website could soon become a thing of the past though, as Responsive Web Design is rapidly gaining popularity and may well become the new standard cross-device approach. In February 2015 Google announced that very soon 'mobile-friendliness' would be a ranking signal in searches from mobile devices, although the actual effect of this update is yet to be known.

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